Make sure you and your day bag are set for your Blue Mountains Adventure!

Never been to the Blue Mountains before? Don’t fret about what to bring and what to leave behind, as we’ve made it easier for you and listed our top items to take for your day away to go swimmingly.

  • Walking Shoes

    If you forget everything else on our list, just make sure it’s not this one. As walking shoes are an essential item when travelling about the Blue Mountains. Roads are sporadic throughout the lush greenery, with walking tracks making up the majority of the travelling routes. See the waterfalls, the epic lookouts, and historic rock formations via foot, so make sure you don’t end up with a hoard of blisters by wearing sandals or un-comfy shoes.

  • Moveable Clothes

    Another key item when trekking through the Blue Mountains’ bushland and mountaintops is easy to move clothes. Depending on the season will leave you picking pants or shorts, but either one must be comfy to wear all day while stuck on a bus and walking through thick bushland. Its always best to opt for a lighter material, especially those made from natural fibres, and simply adding layers if you are cold.

  • Waterproof Jacket (in Winter)

    Continuous showers, harsh winds, and chilly mornings cover the Blue Mountains’ wintertime, leading to sometimes quite dreary conditions. Seeing the scenery is still a stunning sight but wearing a rain jacket can help you avoid any chills throughout the day. Make sure it’s a combat one, as these rain episodes may come out of nowhere on brilliantly sunny days.

  • Sunscreen

    No matter how confident you are on your tanning abilities, the Australian sun is here to set you straight. The sun strength in the Southern Hemisphere is far stronger anywhere else, so even an hour out in the sun can cause you to become a lobster red. Sunscreen is a must even for locals so make sure to bring a bottle so you can re-apply during the day!

  • Hat

    Sunscreen isn’t even enough for the harsh sun, with hats being the common attire for all Aussies. Whether it’s a bucket hat, a floppy wide-brim hat, or a simple cap, it can make all the difference when you spend a full day out in the glorious Blue Mountains.

  • Insect Repellent

    Majority of Blue Mountain’s tours opt to cruise down the Parramatta River on their way back to the city, instead of getting stuck in the peak hour traffic. This usually is right after dusk, which of course brings on a herd of bugs to the boat. Making sure to pack bug repellent can depend on the person, as some may not feel any bites, where others can be eaten alive in seconds. Regardless, its better to be safe than sorry! one of them. If you aren’t careful and apply a large helping of insect repellent during your night-time adventures, you may wake up with your entire body itching with bug bites.

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