The Blue Mountains – alongside Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef – is one of Australia’s truly magnificent natural landscapes.

With its towering peaks, impressive waterfalls, lush blue gum forests and unique rock formations, the Blue Mountains offer a weekend getaway like nowhere else in Oz (or the world for that matter!).

The best time to visit the Blue Mountains – like most nature-filled places – is in the spring or summer months when the air is fresh, the flora is blooming and the sun is dancing off the landscape and providing it with all kinds of gorgeous hues!

What’s more, the Blue Mountains are typically cooler than other regions, due to its altitude and lush forests, so visiting in the warmer months of the year is a must in our opinion.

Here are some of the awesome adventures that await you on your visit:

The Three Sisters

There is no better way to become acquainted with the Blue Mountains than via the Three Sisters. This bizarre series of rock formations is made all the more magical by the wondrous Indigenous lore that surrounds them.

Dreaming tales stipulate that the Three Sisters were, in fact, three sisters of the Katoomba Tribe, set in stone to save them from being kidnapped by three brotherly suitors from the warring Nepean tribe.

Unfortunately, the elder who cast them in stone was killed in the ensuing conflict, leaving them set in stone for all of eternity, creating a stunning place to start your Blue Mountains adventure.

Scenic World

For a more thrill-seeking side of the mountains, strap yourself in for an adrenaline ride like no other at Scenic World. This fun park is designed to provide views of the mountains in the most spectacular, blood-pumped of fashions, with the likes of the Scenic Railway (the world’s steepest passenger railway) and the Scenic Sky (hovering a cheeky 270 metres above the valley floor and complete with glass bottom) all providing fun-yet-frightening mountains experiences!

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls could just be Australia’s most magnificent waterfall: a towering cascade flowing over the rough escarpment and down into the valley below. What makes Katoomba Falls even better is that you can stay right near the fall’s base, with camping available for people who want to wake up right near this gorgeous cascade…

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