The Adelaide Hills, situated a cruisy 30 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD, are the ideal getaway from the bustle of the city below!

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A sojourn in the Adelaide Hills is always complete with gourmet food, adorable animals, charming homesteads and a little German culture to prost your mates with.

So, what are some of the joyful experiences that make the fun yet ideally tranquil Adelaide Hills such a wonderful place to spend the weekend?

Pack your lederhosen, it’s about to get all Alemana up here!


People from outside of South Australia are often surprised to learn that this charming little town exists. I mean, there aren’t too many places in Australia that are completely dedicated to their German heritage, and this dedication makes it a unique and incredibly fun place to visit!

The town centre is dotted with German restaurants, patisseries, confectioners and souvenir shops, with plenty of stynes and Riesling to wash down all that schnitzel, pork knuckle and sauerkraut.

Then, just outside of the town centre is the home of two of Australia’s most famous Germans: the artist Hans Heysen and his equally-talented daughter, Nora! You can visit their absolutely gorgeous home/studio, where plenty of their works reside as well as a typically-quaint garden for you to meander around.

Farm Barn

Another joyous spot located just outside of Hahndorf is the Farm Barn – the Hills’ most family-friendly place for a visit. The farm is renowned for its abundance of adorable farm animals as well some of Australia’s native animals. There are plenty of interactive activities for kids and adults to enjoy, including pony riding, cow milking and guinea pig cuddles!

Beerenberg Farm

Another great place to check out with the family is the legendary Beerenberg Farm. After all, who hasn’t at one stage of their existence had a half-consumed jar of Beerenberg relish in their fridge? So why not check out how the jar is made and even take the kids for a spot of strawberry picking in the growing months?

Cleland Wildlife Park

The Cleland Wildlife Park is not only a wonderful place for getting up close and personal with some of the country’s most loveable animals, but it also plays a special role in animal conservation, making it a great place to visit to learn about this important function in Australia wildlife.

And, after all, who doesn’t want to cuddle.

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