Sydney is a sparkling, vibrant town of stunning beaches, world class architecture and gorgeous year-round weather.

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Being Australia’s most beloved tourism city, you can be sure that spending a few days in Sydney will be full of fun and adventure, the likes of which can’t be experienced in other Australian cities!

You can easily spend three days in Sydney to take in all its joyous attractions, or you could spend a week there, lazing back and hanging out at the beach, the gardens, even the Blue Mountains!

It’s up to you exactly how long you want to spend in The Emerald City, but these amazing attractions await you upon arrival…

The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

There’s no better way to get acquainted with this dazzling town than climbing to the top of its world famous bridge! If you have the stomach for it, you will ascend to the top of the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge, where incredible panoramic views of the city await you for miles and miles.

Given that the bridge is pretty much right in the centre of the city, it allows you to take in everything from the skyline, the Opera House and out to the Pacific Ocean, before heading down to the Opera House for…

Backstage Opera House tour

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most beautiful buildings – still, and probably always will be. And yes, whilst that makes it a great place for people to pop up at and quickly traverse its perimeters, it’s certainly worth noting that the Opera House actually puts on backstage tours that allow you to learn and experience all there is to know about this grand old institution.

Hear fascinating tales about the stars and their antics, or take part in a nighttime fright tour complete with canapes and cocktails!

Laze about Bondi Beach

Ahh Bondi, what a magnificent beach. As one of Australia’s most famous spots for a dip and a spot of sunbathing, you can be sure that the beauty and vibe of this gorgeous shoreline is going to measure up to expectations.

A day lazing about Bondi and checking out the surrounding suburb is sure to invigorate your senses and give you a sense of why Sydney is so beloved by locals and travellers alike!

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