Melbourne gets a bad rap from the populous of other Aussie cities, but that’s only because they don’t live there and kinda wish they did. After all, Melbourne is Australia’s home of everything fun, with the best events, gardens, music, sport – it goes on!

Seriously, the only thing Melbourne is lacking in comparison to the likes of Perth and Sydney is nice beaches, but it more than makes up for it in pretty much every other category you can possibly consider.

And not only is Melbourne a crazy fun city, plenty of the awesome things you can do in this vibrant town are absolutely free, meaning you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts, say, paying entry fees for the Opera House or some other costly excursion.

So, if you find yourself in Melbourne and a little skint, you can always check out these awesome attractions for nothin’!

The gardens

Melbourne’s city centre is home to a plethora of lush gardens: Carlton, Fitzroy, Flagstaff and the Royal Botanic, with each taking on their own unique charm. For example, you can meander around a tiny town at the Fitzroy Gardens model tudor village before wandering the lush, hilly paths of the Royal Botanic.

Melbourne’s gardens are home to plenty of rare and endangered plants, making them a fantastic place to get back to nature without having to spend a single cent!

Albert Park

Albert Park is best known outside of Melbourne as the place where they hold the Grand Prix each April, but throughout the rest of the year it is a charming and leafy lakeside spot that is simply ideal for an afternoon stroll.

With stunning views of the nearby CBD, the expansive lake and the fascinating wildlife that inhabit it, Albert Park is one of the most charming ways to spend a cash-free morning in Melbourne…

Free samples at the Queen Victoria Markets

Okay, this is a bit sad, but if you’re really short but still want to sample some delicious goodies, be sure to head down to the Queen Victoria Market and do a little free sampling.

The market is replete with stalls selling everything from fresh cheeses to baked goods, meats and veg, so you can be sure a trip to the cheese section will prove fruitful even if you can’t afford to buy anything!

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