Kangaroo Island is full of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Here’s why kayaking is one of our favourites!

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of fun when you visit Kangaroo Island located in South Australia. Just 15 kilometres off the coast of the mainland, this island has a multitude of fun outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Home to native wildlife- some of which are endangered or extinct on the mainland- and fascinating plant life, Kangaroo Island offers visitors the chance to explore the rugged, untouched beauty of the Australian landscape at its finest. It’s also on Kangaroo Island that you can enjoy a leisurely kayak paddle through the open waters of Harriet River, an experience that should be done at least once in your lifetime.

Where you can kayak

Just behind Vivonne Bay, you will come upon the tranquil banks of Harriet River. This body of water is perfect to kayak on as the river is always calm and surrounded by lush bush land where you might even spot a koala if you’re lucky. Self guided kayaking tours are also available for hire, so after you’ve learnt the ropes you’ll be able to kayak on your own and once you’re finished, you simply return it the office. It’s that easy!

The river is brimming with wildlife, fish hurriedly swim past you and for those with a keen interest in bird spotting keep your eyes peeled for the many different species that frequent the blue skies of the island.

What you can expect

Whether you’re a frequent kayaker or it’s your first time, the activities at Harriet River are suitable for any skill level. There are guided kayaking tours available that include a guide who will lead and assist you in learning the correct way to kayak, putting on your safety gear and pointing out the surrounding flora, fauna, and wildlife. All the necessary equipment is included in the price, which includes the kayak, backrest, paddle and life jacket. You can paddle to your hearts content for up to 4 hours along a 5-kilometre expanse in a single or double kayak. Children from the age of 2 years old also allowed on the front of the kayak.

Other activities on Kangaroo Island

There are many other activities to enjoy on the island like the adrenaline pumping sand boarding at Little Sahara, or for a tamer experience you can try tobogganing down instead. Try your hand at quad biking, or even visit one of the many hiking trails that features pristine views of the dramatic landscape.

After you’ve had your days jam packed with activities, make your way to some of the wineries on Kangaroo Island. The region of South Australia is famed for its vineyards and this extends out onto the island. Dudley Wines are a top local producer on Kangaroo Island creating award winning wines and delectable tasting platters.

Visit Admiral’s Arch at Flinders Chase National Park for views of a breathtaking open-air cave. Here you can see an impressive number of sea lions bathing in the sun and raising their young. The famous arch is continuously at war with the crashing waves of the ocean, making it a captivating sight that you won’t want to miss.

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