The Mornington Peninsula is one of Australia’s most marvellous wine regions, a gorgeously fertile land that whilst playing host to some of our most sought-after vintages is also a pretty spectacular place to visit beyond the vineyards.

Speaking of vineyards, the Peninsula houses over 200 of them, with some 60 wineries and 50 cellar doors. With the likes of the famous Ten Minutes By Tractor, Port Phillip Estate, Polperro Winery and Panton Vineyard all producing superb vino on sparkling locations, there is little secret as to why wine and life-lovers make their way to the Peninsula for a little harmless bon vivantism!

So, what joys await you in and around the Mornington Peninsula’s luxe wineries?

Let’s find out:

Winery hopping (obviously!)

Yes, the Mornington Peninsula is home to a fair few stellar wineries, each containing their own unique charm and lush properties. From Ten Minutes By Tractor’s fine food and wine tastings to Port Phillip Estate’s stunning design and delectable menu, through to Polperro Winery’s luxury accommodation, there is something to suit everyone’s wine fancy on the Mornington Peninsula!

Beach hopping

What truly makes the Peninsula so spectacular is the way its turquoise-watered beaches lead up into the vibrant vine-covered hills to create a wondrous place to spend the day (or the weekend for that matter!).

The Peninsula’s beaches are the best in Victoria, with the likes of Rye, Sorrento, Safety Beach and Canadian Bay all providing unique beach going experiences.


If you find yourself staying on the Mornington Peninsula, one of the best ways (trust us on this) to beat a vino-fuelled hangover is via one of the region’s mesmerising hikes.

They are sure to make you forget all about that dry mouth and questionable noggin, with the likes of the Bushrangers Bay Walk, Arthurs Seat Circuit Walk and Bridgewater Bay to Diamond Bay Walk offering unforgettable views of the stunning coastline that comprises the Peninsula.

Of course, there are some much bigger walks, including the formidably-titled 100 km Walk, but we doubt you’ll be combining winery hopping with multi-day hikes…

The Moonlit Sanctuary

The Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park is a wonderful initiative dedicated to saving adorable Aussie creatures. What’s more, visitors are allowed to meet some of these amazing animals in their luxe accommodation, with Tassie devils, wombats, koalas and more all chilling around the conservation park’s grounds!


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