Melbourne is a fun city, and even the interstate haters who deride the town for its snobby latte-sipping ways end up having a ripper time here despite their feigned protests.

Melbourne is also a city where you can enjoy a little in-town adventure. Yes, beyond the alleyway cafes, galleries and sporting events there is a sense of adventure that allows for some pretty exciting ways to see town!

If you’re looking for adventure things to do in Melbourne, look no further than the below:

Skydiving above Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne is a beautiful city, a seaside metropolis that from above encapsulates a gorgeous bay, stunning skyline and mountainous splendour beyond.

All this beauty makes for a pretty awesome spot to go skydiving, with near-daily flights taking adrenaline-junkies soaring above town before they parachute above the amazing scenery.

You can take the in-town option, or you can duck just outside of Melbourne and take in either the Great Ocean Road or the lush Yarra Valley, each option provides some pretty spectacular scenery…

The Melbourne Skydeck

The Eureka Tower offers one of the world’s highest skydecks, making it the perfect place for thrillseekers to see the glass below them run clear high above the city below.

This is what you’d call skydiving lite: sure, you’re not flying through the air from 14,000 feet above the ground, but you are standing on a see-through glass floor that will give your legs and feet that seriously jittery feeling – it’s a helluva lotta fun!

Hot air ballooning

Altitude is becoming a common theme here, and why not? With such a wonderfully gorgeous city below, why wouldn’t you want to get high above it and experience it in all its grand magnitude?

Melbourne has hot air ballooning adventures that whisk you up in the clear morning light, allowing you to take in the marvellous town as you float carefree up to 3,000 feet above the ground!

Near-town adventures

Melbourne is a city that is blessed to be near some pretty astounding natural spots, with both the Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley providing unforgettable day trips that will excite your sense of adventure.

Whether surfing on the Great Ocean Road or forest trekking in the Yarra Valley, both regions are perfect for stepping outside of the hustle and enjoying some perfectly tranquil nature!


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