Melbourne easily holds the crown of being Australia’s hippest city.

Visit Melbourne City

There are elegant laneways lined with cafes, stunning art galleries, an unrivalled live music scene and one of the world’s best sports in AFL, and the best thing is you can enjoy all of them in one day!

So, when you ask how you can spend a day in Melbourne, you can be sure that it’s going to be a pretty awesome time, to say the least.

Let’s find out why below…

Start the day at the National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) hosts some of the world’s top exhibitions as well as an ongoing collection of masterpieces. Whether you’re heading there for one of its winter masters exhibitions or living it up at the uber-cool NGV Friday Nights, the gallery has plenty to offer year-round!

It’s also the best way to start your amazing Melbourne day out, before heading onto…

See an AFL game

Upon leaving the NGV to feel free to meander along the charming Yarra River until you reach one of the world’s biggest and best stadiums in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The MCG, shortened to “the G” (because we Aussies have to shorten everything), is home to Australia’s favourite sport (sorry rugby) in Aussie rules footy.

This marvellous spectacle cannot be missed when visiting Melbourne in the months of February through to September, where two teams battle it out in tough conditions to split the posts and outscore each other.

The best thing about going to an Aussie rules match when visiting Melbourne is getting to choose a team to support – just simply pick one of the teams you have gone to see and you’ve got your team for life!

Catch a gig

Okay, so you’ve seen some of the world’s finest artworks at the NGV, cheered your heart at the MCG and you’re still feeling up to having some fun – what should you do? Head to a gig, of course!

Melbourne is one of the world’s live music capitals, with hundreds of bars, clubs and venues hosting local and international acts pretty much every night of the week!

For a super Melbourne music experience, be sure to head to The Tote or the Cherry Bar – both venues really ramp it up when it comes to mad bands and great times…

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