The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is made up of a fleet of historical trams that cruise the streets of Melbourne while people enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner.

Painted in a traditional burgundy colour and boasting plenty of the original features, the restaurant gives diners the chance to delve back into the fascinating part of the city.

These were the first travelling Tramcar restaurants in the world, and have quickly become one of Melbourne’s top attractions. As diners enjoy the view of the city whizz past the windows, they can tuck into a seasonal menu alongside tasty wines.

The trams pride themselves on their cosy interiors that’s made possible thanks to the inviting décor that harks back to the colonial period the trams were originally from. Since 1983, the trams have become a must-do dining experience in Melbourne, as they combine both the food, culture, and history of the city in one memorable experience.

This is one of the best ways to exploring the scenic streets of Melbourne while soaking up a little bit of Victoria’s past as you go. Diners are asked to head to Tram Stop 125 where departure takes place – it’s just behind the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, so it’s very easy to find.

There are three meal sittings on the trams: lunch, early dinner, and late dinner, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the city at different times of day. At every sitting, there is a menu bursting with lavish Australian food and an accompanying wine menu made up of fine, local wines.

The 1920s trams have won the Australian Tourism Award four times and the experience is one of the most highly-rated in Melbourne on TripAdvisor. Melbourne’s rich dining scene means it’s the perfect place to tuck into delicious local cuisine, and the picturesque setting in 20s tramcars makes this restaurant a particularly memorable experience.

Note: The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant has stopped running temporarily. Please visit their website for more information.

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