With a shape and natural formation unlike any other fall in the area, Wentworth Falls are a truly spectacular sight.

The large waterfall has two steep drops. The upper drop protrudes from the surrounding cliffs, almost like a large dome. The lower one leads the water more calmly to the pools below. The falls are best viewed from the nearby lookouts, however there is also a picnic area nearby.

Take a packed lunch with you and enjoy your meal at the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area. It’s a great place to uses as a base to explore the surrounding walking tracks leading through awesome rainforests and to stunning waterfalls. Whether you’re starting or ending your trip here the fresh mountain air is sure to wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed.

Follow the nearby Fletchers Lookout track for more beautiful views of Wentworth Falls. The track is relatively short and easy to follow, making it a popular choice for visitors of all ages. Once you reach the lookout there is plenty of space to relax for a little bit if you need to catch your breath. The trail follows a loop, so you should easily be able to make your way back to the picnic area. Plus, if you’re visiting during summer, there are a few swimming spots along the way where you can cool off!

Wentworth Falls, the town!

Just a few ks from the falls themselves is a small village also named Wentworth Falls. The town is a great base for your Blue Mountains trip with plenty of access to some of the most famous areas in the Blue Mountains National Park.

The village has an abundance of delightful cafes and restaurants to keep your stomach happy. Choose to enjoy million-dollar views over dinner at the Country Club or grab yourself some pastries from the bakery to nibble on as you explore.


The Blue Mountains are home to many wonderful galleries. One of the best may just be Falls Gallery. Established in 1989, the gallery consists of a perfectly manicured garden and stunning weatherboard cottage. The gallery displays works by the resident artist, Anne Smith, a variety of works from other locals.

Another nearby gallery is the Norman Lindsay Gallery. Run by the national trust, the gallery displays many of the controversial artists works in his home. Many paintings and sculptures can be found across the property, including original works depicting characters from his Australian classic The Magic Pudding. He lived in the property for more than sixty years.

Wentworth Falls has something to offer everyone. The delightful array of bushwalks and waterfall lookouts keeps any adventurer happy. While the community spirit of the local town beckons in travellers from far and wide. Enjoy the work of local artisans, nibble on some of Australia’s best pastries and enjoy the mountain air from this quaint town.

No matter when or why you choose to visit Wentworth Falls you’re sure to have an absolutely amazing time!

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