At the western end of Phillip Island is the stunning Summerland Peninsula. The protected area is filled with stunning native wildlife and plants.

Summerland Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches, as each night hundreds of people flock to its shores to see the magnificent penguin parade.


The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of Australia’s most famous wildlife encounters. Since the 1920s locals have been bringing tourists to the beach to watch as the little penguins wander their way up the shore. Today viewing the parade is a bit different, with significant emphasis held on penguin conservation and ensuring onlookers do not disturb the penguins or their habitat.

Every evening the local colony of little penguins make their way to their huts from the water to rest for the night. There are several viewing platforms for you to watch from, including beachside seats and underground coves.

We recommend getting there are early as possible to grab a seat nice and close to the action. The penguin parade is popular throughout the year, so being organised is essential to getting a great seat.

If watching from afar isn’t enough, head into the visitor centre to learn all about the penguins and their role in the local ecosystem. While you’re there be sure to check out all the ways you can help protect these super cute animals. Why not get yourself a super cuddly souvenir too? The little penguin gift store is epic!


The Summerland Beach stretches just over a kilometre and has a steady swell most days making it perfect for boogie boarding and splashing in the shallows. Smaller summer swells make it the perfect beach for new surfers to hone their craft, while the large winter swells have made this beach the perfect for experienced surfers. Many of the beaches surrounding Summerland Beach become inaccessible during the winter months making it the perfect year-round location for avid surfers.

The beaches here also have notoriously fine sand, so be sure to shake everything off before you get back into the car!

Native wildlife

Little Penguins aren’t the only native wildlife around the Summerland Peninsula. There are plenty of fantastic birds such as the hooded plover and short-tailed shearwater. Over one million short-tailed shearwaters return to Phillip Island from Alaska each year to breed along the coastline. They are a protected species in Victoria and were once hunted for food and oil. Unfortunately, marine debris has contributed to a drop in population numbers over recent years.

Phillip Island is also famous for its amazing seal colonies. Thousands of seals live in the water surrounding the island. The Nobbies, home to over 25,000 fur seals, can be seen from Summerland Beach, while the Nobbies visitor centre is just a five-minute drive from the beach!

Summerland Beach is the perfect place to spend a day on Phillip Island. Enjoy splashing in the water and relaxing along the sand before rugging up and watching the penguins make their way up from the water ready to sleep for the night.

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