Salamanca Place is a historic docks region of Hobart, with the docks lining with a long row of the 1830’s simple Georgian sandstone warehouses.

These buildings are historic, once storing grain, wool, whale oil, and several imported goods back when they were first created. However, nowadays these buildings have been converted into a string of restaurants, bars, galleries, and shops! Making it a must-do vibrant cultural scene when visiting the region.

Salamanca Market

When the Salamanca Market first opened, it only run for 4 weeks within warmer months, but soon its popularity grew into a weekly event. The Market skyrocketed in popularity, growing from 12 small stalls in 1972 to over 300 currently. Transforming it into one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist attractions around. Held every Saturday, the market brings over 25,000 visitors, both tourists and locals, hunting for the goodies sold along the boardwalk. The market is great for any kind of traveller, whether you are looking for some fresh produce, some unique souvenirs, or simply a delicious takeaway coffee and toasties to enjoy while you listen to the live music and watch the bustling crowd-this attraction is for you!

The Galleries

There are several colourful galleries dotted along the dock here. Showcasing stunning paintings, quirky fashion pieces, glass-bead jewellery, and more, the galleries are home to an extraordinary range of artwork. Take a stroll within these stores and be inspired by the talent these local artists present to you, even purchasing some pieces if they take your fancy!

The Theatres

Step into a new world when you watch a show at one of the region’s theatres. Enjoy an evening of music, dance, film or comedy, depending on what grabs your interests! Making this spot a perfect end to a night after dining along the docks.

The Night Scene

What other way to enjoy the local atmosphere than by wining and dining at the best restaurants and bars on offer? The entire strip is busting with award-winning food spots to dine at, from casual dinner spots to five-star restaurants. If you aren’t that hungry, you can even start off enjoying one of the bars dotted about. Parking yourself at the outdoor seating and sipping on a delicious cocktail while you watch the sunset go down.

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