Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Phillip Island has an important role in Australia’s motor racing history, hosting what is now known as Australia’s first Grand Prix in 1928. Since then there has been a lot of changes to the track and how it is used, but still, Phillip Island has some of the best racing Australia has on offer.

The circuit as you see it today was refurbished and opened in 1988. Since then it’s hosted an abundance of motorsports from V8s to superbikes.

If you’re not too keen to sit down and watch the events though, there is still plenty for the whole family to enjoy!

Visit the track

Start your day with a walk through the History of Motorsport exhibit. You’ll learn all about the history of motorsport not only on Phillip Island but in Australia. You’ll get to see some of the most successful bikes to have ever raced this track up close and personal, while learning all about their daring riders and the wins they had.

From the exhibit, you can head to the circuit viewing area. See 80% of the circuit from one position, high above the racers. This is the best view in the house when its race time and had prime views of the tracks fastest straight and most daring corners.

Get on the track

See the track even closer on a guided circuit tour, where you’ll be taken to the off-limits rider only areas and the tracks control tower. If that’s not enough, join a hot lap and experience the racing conditions of one of the worlds best tracks. Your experienced driver will take you to mind-bending speeds as you zoom around the track in an Audi R8.

If high speed isn’t quite your style, then bring your bike and pedal the track! You might not be breaking any speed records but a cycle around a V8 track is a once in a lifetime experience and a truly unique way to see the magnificent track conditions.

Race your friends

If you’ve come all the way to a Grand Prix track we can understand why you might want to race your friends. Fear not, the Phillip Island Grand Prix Track has plenty of options for you.

On-site, they have a miniaturised track specifically made for go-karts. Grab your mates and race them around the duplicate track, seeing who can outspeed and manoeuvre who. The go-kart track is perhaps one of the best parts about a visit to the circuit.

However, if the weather is being cruel and you’re unable to hit the tracks outside, there are plenty of races to have inside. Jump into the simulator for 1 v 1 contests or grab your friends for a spot of slot cars, and you guessed it, the slot track is a replica of the real thing!

The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit has so much for you to experience! Even those who aren’t tickled fancied by motorsports will enjoy an afternoon here.

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