After taking a short ferry from the mainland to Kangaroo Island, you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Penneshaw.

The second largest town on the island, Penneshaw is your gateway to Kangaroo Island. Sitting along the Dudley Peninsula, Penneshaw has more to offer than at first thought. Gaze up at the stunning clear blue skies and across the horizon over the turquoise water. Penneshaw has a stunning collection of delightful natural attractions for you to enjoy.

Hog Bay

Beside the ferry port is a quaint beach known as Hog Bay. The endless white sand beckons you, calling your name so that you may relax under the warm sun. The water here is safe to swim in, so pack your bathers and enjoy splashing around with your friends.

If you’ve got an afternoon free take a packed picnic and enjoy lunch on the beach. There’s nothing more Aussie than sitting on the beach watching the waves crash on the shore as you gobble down something yummy to eat.

Little Penguins

Kangaroo Island is lucky enough to be home to some of Australia’s delightful little penguins. After spending the day out at sea fishing and hunting, the little penguins make their way back up the shores at Penneshaw. As darkness descends over the horizon the Little Penguins make their way out of the water, waddling up the beach to their nests for the night.

Visitors are welcomed to watch the show, while local guides share secrets and stories about the penguins that live on the island. For more information about the penguins, head to the Penguin Interpretive Centre. There’s plenty of interesting exhibits here for you to enjoy, one trip to Penneshaw and you’ll be a penguin expert in no time!

Gateway Information Centre

Penneshaw is the gateway to Kangaroo Island so it only makes sense that there’s an information centre here for you too. The Gateway Information Centre will provide you with all the information you could need to enjoy your time on Kangaroo Island. From maps and directions, to information about park closures or safety warnings, the information centre will ensure you’re all set and ready to make your way into the Island.

If you’ve got any burning questions and need them answered before you get stuck into your holiday, then the Gateway Information Centre is for you.

Penneshaw Maritime and Folk Museum

Though it may be small, Kangaroo Island has a unique and interesting history. A trip to the Hog Bay School, better known as the Maritime and Folk Museum is a fantastic way to learn about how this island has grown in the past 150 years.

Each room in the ex-school has been changed into an exhibition, with different stories about the island. From the island’s Aboriginal history to modern colonisation and the bygone sealing and whaling industry, the small museum provides a lovely perspective on island life. Get to know the island on a deeper level before exploring everything it has to offer.

Penneshaw is your gateway to Kangaroo Island and should not be overlooked on your itinerary. Though it may be small, the fantastic little port town has plenty to offer!

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