Snaking along the Victorian-New South Wales border is the Murray River. Australia’s longest river, it runs over two and a half thousand kilometres from the Australian Alps to Lake Alexandrina in South Australia.

The water flowing through the river is imperative to irrigating what is known as the food bowl of Australia.

The river is lined with stunning gumtrees and sandy beaches at its lowest points. The river acts as an important water and food source for hundreds of species of wildlife. Not only is the river an important provider for many native animals, but for generations, Aboriginal peoples have inhabited the lands it winds through. The freshwater river provided sustenance and a place for cultural activities.

Today the river is a popular camping and water sports spot. There are also some great fishing regions along the river.

Aboriginal History

As the longest flowing river in Australia, the Murray weaves through many different nations lands. Some archaeological sites show Aboriginal occupation along the river at least 20,000 years old. People along the Murray fashioned canoes made from single sheets of red gum bark. They had incredible ingenuity, using clay and wet reefs to make a fireproof pit in their canoes, so that fresh fish could be cooked as soon as they were caught.

Fish, crustaceans, and other marine animals were fished or caught in nets. With the river always full and flowing it was well equipped to provide food. Additionally, the river attracted many animals that could be hunted.


Today, the Murray River is still a very popular fishing spot with ample native fish. Some of the most popular species fished here include Murray Cod, Callop, Catfish and Redfin. One fish that locals would rather be caught more often is the European Carp. The carp has become a pest and threatens native species. So if you pull one in, don’t throw it back or you’ll cope a fine!

You can fish from the banks of the river or choose to hire a boat and take yourself on a fishing expedition. Whichever you choose just be sure to adhere to any local fishing regulations.

End to end

If you’re looking for a real adventure, travel down the Murray River end to end. Starting at Mount Kosciuszko, enjoy the snow region for a while. Strap on your skis and enjoy the best slopes in Australia before following the border all the way along the top of Victoria.

The banks of the Murray River are dotted with historic towns. The Murray River was central to the development of inland towns post-invasion. Europeans flocked to the riverside townships to begin their new lives. These regions have a deep history of European explorers and bushrangers, visit townships and discover the tales of these small settlements.

At the Adelaide end of the river, enjoy a relaxing steamboat ride on a heritage boat. If an afternoon ride isn’t enough for you, why not look into a houseboat and spend a few days floating along the river.

The Murray River is a unique part of Australia and no matter where along its banks you find yourself, you’re sure to have a great time.

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