Sitting in the Danbulla State Forest, Lake Tinaroo is the perfect place to spend a day splashing in the water away from the tourists at the beach.

The large lake is filled with refreshing, cool water and is perfect for swimmers, skiers, walkers and fishers. The lake massive, in fact, it is the same size as Sydney Harbour!

Fishing and in the water

The lake has earned a name for itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Outside of awesome water sports and walking trails following the lakes curves, visitors can also get permits that allow them to fish and crab.

One of the most popular fish to catch in the lake is huge barramundi. Anglers can fish off the banks, jetty or in boats and reel in some mammoth catches. Other than barramundi, sooty grunter, red claw and sleepy cod are also popular. If you happen to reel in a tilapia, be sure to not return it! The species was illegally introduced to the water and has since become a pest. If you catch one you must destroy it. Dinner and doing the environment a favour, how great is that!

Keen fisher will love the yearly Tinaroo Barra Bash. The barramundi fishing competition could net you a cool $10,000 prize if you manage to reel in the largest fish.

On land

If you’d rather stay dry than wander into the water, there are several picnic spots around the lake where you can set yourself up for the day. There’s even a lake jetty that you can take a stroll down and watch over the water. The lake is a great place to people watch, with so many groups enjoying different activities you could easily spend an afternoon watching everyone enjoy themselves around you.

Nearby to the lake you can find the Cathedral Fig, a giant 500-year-old strangler fig tree. It is a popular early morning location for bird lovers as it’s rumoured to be the best place to hear the morning bird calls.

Below the surface

There’s many rumours surrounding Lake Tinaroo and the town that it may have swallowed!

The story goes that the manmade lake was filled too soon after its initial construction. As the water began to naturally rise the additional water that had been pumped in saw the lake overflow to the point that the nearby town of Kulara had to be abandoned.

Other useful information

There are plenty of amenities around the lake to make your visit a bit easier, such as a camping ground and toilet facilities. There’s also a nearby town where you can pick up essentials or an ice cream as an afternoon treat.

Lake Tinaroo is a fantastic addition to any trip to far north Queensland. A visit to the lake will show you a whole new side to far north Queensland, away from the idyllic beaches you’ll discover a new kind of Queensland beauty.

Lake Tinaroo is a must see during your time in Queensland, so pack a picnic and grab your bathers ready for a delightful day by the lake.

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