Explore the stunning Josephine Falls nestled among the Wooroonooran National Park in tropical north Queensland.

Sitting at the foot of the beautiful Mount Bartle Frere, the falls cascade from the Atherton Tablelands 192 metres above their pool. Following the falls they turn into the flowing Josephine Creek, before meeting the Russell River.

The falls are some of the most beautiful in tropical north Queensland and have been used in many television commercials over the years. If that isn’t enough to convince you that you’re entering paradise we’re not sure what will!


Josephine Falls are great falls for swimming and are generally relatively safe when approached with caution.

Wade into the crystal clear waters or choose to relax over the sandy beach-like edges of the creek. Swimming is permitted only in certain areas of the falls and creek so be sure to follow the instructions of nearby signs.

If you’re after a break from the beautiful beaches of far north Queensland, Josephine Falls are a fantastic natural swimming alternative.

Enjoy a picnic

The Josephine Falls are some of the most easily accessed falls in far north Queensland. They can be accessed by car and a short walk along a boardwalk from a nearby carpark. With such easy access they are the perfect place to take a picnic and set yourself up for the day.

There is a designated picnic area for you to use, complete with outdoor barbecue for those wanting to chuck a few sausages on the grill for lunch.

These awesome facilities mean you can spend plenty of time at the falls and do not need to rush away once you get hungry. It’ll be one of the most picturesque picnics you’ll ever have!


From the Josephine Falls picnic area there are several bush walking trails. With many trails to choose form there’s something available for any level of walker. Take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant green landscape or take a long hike through the rainforest. There’s a 1.2 kilometre walk that leads you to the top of the waterfall, or a harder 10 kilometre walk up to Broken Nose.

The falls are far from the only attraction in this area with plenty of rockslides, rock pools and local wildlife for you to see along your way.

Flora and fauna

Josephine Falls is home to some of the most beautiful and unique Australian wildlife. There are plenty of bright and colourful birds and butterflies that live in the thick rainforest. Keep your eyes open for snakes also, they are known to enjoy this environment. If you do happen upon one, slowly walk away and never approach them.

This part of Australia also has many unique plants and wildflowers. Look out for brightly coloured wildflowers and ancient trees protecting you from the harsh sunrays.

Josephine Falls are a fabulous and great addition for any trip to far north Queensland. Whether you choose to stay for an hour or a day, the falls will delight you.

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