Step into the dark, quiet, and ancient wonderland that is the Jenolan Caves.

Listed as one of the most famed cave systems in the entire country. A honeycomb network of ancient limestone tunnels, large cave openings, and even unspoiled rivers trickling through. But where is this magical place, and how do you get there?

It’s Whereabouts

Nestled in the dreamy destination of the Blue Mountains, merely a credit card’s throw of the renowned Sydney city, the short three-hour journey will go by fast as you marvel at the scenic surrounds while cruising through the lush greenery. There is no public transport to the caves, with a train taking you to Katoomba Station being your closest option. Even after arriving there, you will have to join a coach tour to take you the rest of way. Most of the time, visitors will either drive themselves to the caves or take a tour for the day!

It’s Formation

The Jenolan Caves formed 340 million years ago, making them the oldest known open cave system on the entire planet. They are a type of Karst landform, which essentially means it is a system of rock that dissolves in the water from continuous erosion. And over its entire millions of years of existing, the water has slowly cut through the rock to form small openings, otherwise known as caves. The Jenolan caves have become so advanced that it has formed over 300 different caves, with underground rivers, and stunning natural archways leading you to one cave to the next.

How to see the Caves

You won’t truly understand the spectacular beauty of this area until you are right bang in the middle of it. There are multiple ways you can see these systems of caves, with walking tours, rock climbing, and even night tours available. With multiple caves open to the public, it takes a while to see them all, therefore; we suggest narrowing it down to just a couple. Joining a tour will help you discover all the secrets these caves have to offer, telling you about the history and geology as you stroll down the man-made walking tracks. If you don’t have any days free why not visit at night? This gives the caves a spooky atmosphere for your journey, giving you a completely unforgettable experience. If you want a bit more adventure, why not join the rock-climbing routes scattered within the caves? Regardless of whether you are a first-time climber, or are a professional, there is a range of routes starting from beginners to expert courses.

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