Things to do in Grampians

Just a few hours drive from the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD, loose yourself in the Grampians National Park. The vast, rugged ranges are home to spectacular views and wildlife, making them the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Spanning over 1,600 square kilometres, the Grampians is divided into four distinct subregions, each boasting their own unique experiences.

  • See the North

    Rediscover the beauty of nature in the northern Grampians region. Home to some of Australia’s most spectacular natural attractions, the north is a perfect escape for the adventurer in you.

    In the heart of the mountain range you can see a large rocky spur, jutting out from the cliff face, looking over the towns below. Affectionally known as the Pinnacle, this stunning formation provides unparalleled views of the mountain range. From below, the walk to the lookout appears treacherous, but in a pleasant twist it can easily be accessed from a nearby carpark.

    Take a short drive to the historic gold mining town of Stawell. Home to Australia’s most prestigious footrace, the Stawell Gift, you can explore its fascinating history at the Stawell Gift Hall of Fame. While in town visit The Pickers Market. The indoor stalls are a treasure trove of eclectic antiques and collectables.

  • Discover the East

    For the food and wine lover, the East Grampians region is the perfect place for you. There is an abundance of award-winning wineries and local cafes to indulge in.

    Pack yourself the ultimate picnic feast and dine in style amongst the Mount Langi Ghiran vines. Surrounded by towering mountains, the panoramic views will rejuvenate your soul. Taste your way through the region, stopping at craft beer and cider houses on the way.

    Though horrific, the history of J Ward Asylum for the Criminally Insane and the Aradale Asylum continues to fascinate visitors. Take a tour of the facilities once home to Victoria’s mentally ill, learning from your guides about the horrific treatment of patients, or the crimes committed by the criminally insane. With so many fascinating stories to tell no two tours are the same, there’s no predicting what you’ll learn.

  • View the West

    The Grampians western region is home to the iconic Silo Art Trail. For years the barren landscape was peppered with giant grain silos, today these silos have been turned into ginormous works of art telling the story of the town it’s located in. Cruise the trail in an afternoon, or spread your journey over two days, staying the night in one of the delightful regional towns you pass through.

    Continue your regional art journey into the town of Natimuk. In a display of community spirit, the town came together to turn the median strip in the centre of the town into a creative, inclusive, imaginary space for all residents. Enjoy public arts and interact with the towns largest sculpture, that needs your help to illuminate!

  • Explore the South

    Discover dormant volcanoes, delicious breads and picturesque hikes in the south.

    Wander up a dormant volcano in Penshurst and discover the towns fascinating history. Head to the Volcanoes Discovery Centre to be transported back thousands of years. Learn about the region when volcanoes were regularly erupting and how they changed the landscape to what you see today.

    At the foot of Mount Strugeon you can find the small town of Dunkeld. Head to the Dunkeld Old Bakery to get a taste of the state’s best sourdough, baked fresh daily in their historic wood fire oven. After filling up on breads and cakes pull on your hiking boots to head up the mountain. With a collection of trails for all experience levels you’ll find the perfect trail for you!

The Grampians National Park is home to gorgeous regional towns and stunning nature experiences. A visit is a must do for any food, nature or art lover!

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