The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain National Park is one of Tasmania’s greatest attractions, home to a wonderland of lush greenery, unique wildlife, and epic mountaintops.

Anyone interested in getting in touch with nature will adore this park, with an endless amount of space and beauty in this pocket of paradise.

When to Visit

Tasmania is as close as you can get to Middle Earth, with misty days, mossy mountains, and bright green covering the region, it is truly a breathtaking place to visit. However, weather can get in the way, with Tasmania typically on the colder side throughout the year. The months of June, July, and August, and are generally the wettest and coolest months in the state, and can typically be the hardest to trek in. Whereas summer and spring are an exceptional time to hike around the greenery. When hiking up to epic lookout points, visiting during the sunrise or sunset will give you unforgettable views. Sunrises can offer clouds of mist slowly disappearing from the radiant golden light glimmering up from the horizon, whereas sunsets can boast a soft pink glow on the entire region. One insta famous place perfect for your sunrise or sunset spot is Dove Lake, perfect due to the bright glow of the sun reflecting beautifully on the still waters.

The Wildlife

One of the main appeals for Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain National Park is the wildlife found throughout it. Allowing visitors to marvel at these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Depending on the location and time you can be trekking about will determine the animals you might see. Dusk time is common for wombat sightings, with many of these furry creatures popping out of their burrows to forage for food. Wallabies are another typical sighting, usually, nap throughout the day and only hopping about in the morning and dusk for their food. Birds are frequently found in the trees and skies of this region, so listen out for the unique birdsongs that flow through the air.

The Walks

No matter what kind of walker you are, Cradle Mountain National Park has got a trail suit for you. If you are after a short walk, you can head to the Weindorfrest Walk, which only takes 20 minutes, and offers spectacular scenery of park’s thick trees. Otherwise, you can walk around Dove Lake’s loop track, which can take up to 2 to 3 hours. If you are after a bit more of a challenge, you can try out one of the overnight walks, such as the popular overland track, which walkers can spend up to 6 days on.

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