Located off the south-east of Tasmania, Bruny Island is a wildlife paradise just waiting to be explored.

It is one of the most stunning areas in Australia, boasting beautiful sights of beaches, bushland, and more!

About Bruny Island

Bruny Island is not one island, but actually, two islands connected by a thin strip of sand. It has a very small population, with only about 620 individuals residing here permanently. To get to the region you can hop on board a ferry, which takes about 20 minutes. Back in the day, it was a hotspot for timber, but now it is mostly visited by excited tourists looking for an adventure.

The Neck

One of the most insta-worthy spots in the entire island, the Neck is the thin strip of land that connects the northern and southern islands. Visitors can climb up the wooden steps to see the 360-degree views of the entire region. Marvelling at both the stunning coastal scenery and the thick bushland at the same time.

The Lighthouse

Bruny Island is home to the second oldest lighthouse in Australia, guaranteeing you both some fascinating history as well as a fantastic view. The Cape Bruny Lighthouse is located on the southern point of the island, with strong winds, wide beaches, and rolling hills all present in the scenery.

South Bruny National Park

Nature lovers can head to South Bruny National Park to see the region’s stunning wildlife. Jam-packed with incredible attractions such as Cloudy Bay, Adventure Bay, and Fluted Cape visitors can spend days exploring the rough terrain. IT is also one of the best spots for whale watching, with many visitors heading to Adventure Bay form June to October to marvel at these gentle giants leap from the coastal shores.

The Oyster Bar

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Bruny island is a seafood lovers dream. Oysters are most popular, known for being out of this world. Head to one of the island’s oyster bars and fill up on the salty and lemon oysters, washing them down with the local wine.

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