Kangaroo Island has one of the most diverse groups of native wildlife in all of Australia. The unspoilt bush land is bursting with native animals. Venture into this enchanting land and discover some of the best fauna the Island can offer.

  • Kangaroos

    Seeing as the island is named after them, it’s pretty much certain you’ll see one of these guys roaming the land. The island even has its own subspecies of kangaroo, which are shorter and stockier than the regular breed. If travelling on a tour, you will get a chance to enter restricted selections of the national park. Here you will be able to come face to face with a large mob who, though wild, are very used to visiting humans. Be sure to resist the temptation to feed them. Human food is bad for their health and can impact their wild foraging abilities.

  • Seals

    Although kangaroo has taken the name, seals are also a popular mascot for the island. Kangaroo Island is home to the largest colony of Australian sea lions in the entire world, with over 500 seals roaming the sea and sand. Seal Bay is the best spot to see these adorable creatures, as it has hundreds of seals frolicking in the sea, snooze in the sand, or sun baking on the large rocks. What’s great about this attraction is that there are no barriers for either the animals or humans. Letting visitors wander down to the beach to walk alongside these creatures.

  • Birds

    That are a whopping 268 species of birds living on Kangaroo Island. With 68 different bird families, and around 32 per cent of the entire Kangaroo Island bird population only found here. Some of the best birds to see are cockatoos, wattle birds, thornbills, and many, many more! Listen out for birds around you, dancing among the tree tops.

  • Echidnas

    Echidnas are one of Australia’s most interesting looking creatures. The appearance is a mix between a porcupine and an anteater. Not only is their look unique, but they are classed as one of only two monotremes, egg-laying mammals, in the world. Ironically, the second can also be found on Kangaroo Island, the platypus! Echidna are found throughout Kangaroo Island but are usually hard to spot unless you are very lucky. If you do encounter one, remain quiet and still, as they usually scamper off with any sudden noise. If you are with a guide or at least an animal specialist, make sure to ask about echidnas to learn all their weird and wonderful facts.

  • Koalas

    One of the most beloved Australian animals around, the koala. Koalas are hanging from all of Kangaroo Island’s tree, breeding so but that an overpopulation issue is starting. Although this is bad for the island, it is good for us tourists, as seeing one of these guys is easy. Simply look up and see the large balls of grey fur chewing on some leave or sleeping the day away as you trek through the thick bush land.

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