One of the best activities in the Northern Territory is visiting the freshwater hot spots amidst the dry landscape and lush bushland regions.

Tolmer Falls is not only a gateway to Litchfield National Park but also a great natural wonder to visit. Featuring a cascading waterfall soaring over the escarpment and flowing into a deep plunge pool below. The name Tolmer came from explorer Frederick Henry Litchfield, who named the falls after his late father’s colleague in the South Australia Police, known as Alexander Tolmer.

Tolmer Falls Walk

The waterfall as a destinated walk that goes with it, allowing visitors to take in the surrounding scenery of the bushland before heading back to the main attraction of Tolmer Falls. The trail begins at the lookout at Tolmer Falls, showcasing the stunning wonder, before setting off in the rocky terrain of the bush. Sprawling out for 1.6 kilometres and taking around 45 minutes to complete the full circuit.


Despite this spot being a waterfall, swimming isn’t allowed, but with the designated BBQ spots, you can still enjoy this attraction without having to dip your toes in the cool water. Here there are comfortable tables and chairs, with BBQs where you can cook up a storm. The soft grassy region is great for groups and you can even start up a cricket game amidst this stunning scenery.

What you see at Tolmer Falls

The reason for the banned-on swimming in the Tolmer Falls is due to the local animal residing here. Within the base of the falls, there are several caves dotted about, all home to Ghost Bats and Orange Horseshoe Bats, two extremely rare species of bat. There are approximately around 29,000 cats found here, with only 34, 000 of the entire species left in the world. Due to the bat’s territory reactions to those who get a bit too close, swimming nearby them can be a dangerous choice. But if you are visiting during sunset, you can see these rare animals soar above, their dark bodies contrasting beautifully with the pink sky.

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