A vibrant hub for food, wine, and culture, Launceston is Tasmania’s second major city and well worth the stop in during your travels.

Home to country charm, award-winning restaurants and wineries, and jam-packed full of beautiful scenery.

The History

Launceston is one of Australia’s oldest cities, founded in 1804, when the leader of the British garrison, Lt. Col. William Paterson, set up a camp. A settlement soon followed, with an entire community founded in 1806. Due to its long history, Launceston has some of the earliest cityscapes in Australia, styled in the Colonial and Victorian architecture of the time. Visitors can stroll through the city, visiting the century-old parks, historic buildings, and museums filled with historic facts of the region. Giving guests a better insight into this beautiful area’s great past.

The Natural Wonders

Tasmania is chock full of natural wonders, and Launceston is no difference. Cataract Gorge is a perfect slice of paradise which offers guests a window in the region’s extraordinary wilderness. Hop on the Gorge Scenic Chairlift and dangle your legs above this impressive natural basin. As its only a 20 minute walk from the city centre of Launceston, many visit the Gorge and stroll back to the city for a refuelling lunch day. Otherwise, you can pack a picnic and head to the nearby picnic regions, featuring bright green grass and exceptional views of the landscape.

The Culture

There’s also plenty of culture on offer at Launceston, with locals proud to show off their love for art, history, and more! Galleries and museums litter the city streets, but by far the biggest attraction is the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the largest regional gallery in Australia. Offering educational exhibitions and fun events bursting with famous artwork and fascinating historic stories of Australia. Guests can learn of the history of Colonial Tasmania or even about Tasmania’s connections to China while marvelling at the many paintings that cover the walls of the building.

The Food and Wine

Eating and drinking is a fan favourite for any tourist, so Launceston made sure to give you plenty of options. Foodies can enjoy endless choices, from local fish and chip shops to five-star dining available. Seafood is a speciality in Tasmania, so we suggest when out to dinner to order the seafood platter or the fish of the day, as these are by far the greatest choices on the menu. Wine lovers can enjoy the local wine produced here, with the cool climate and rich soil guaranteeing for a delicious range of both whites and reds.

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