Things to do in Hahndorf

In the heart of the picturesque Adelaide Hills in South Australia, there is a slice of German life that is still going strong. Hahndorf remains a popular tourist spot, but it boasts more than a century of cultural history that imbues its streets and the land surrounding it.

It was settled by Lutheran migrants from Prussia back in the 1830s and is now the oldest-surviving German settlement in the country. Every year, thousands of travellers flock to its Bavarian streets to soak up the fascinating history and to discover the impact German life has had on Australia as a whole.

The History of Hahndorf

The town boasts a rich and colourful history that dates back to the early 1800s. Today, the streets are still lined with ornate architecture and rich ancestry. As you explore, you can uncover many of the ancient folkloric tales that characterise the area, as well as the indigenous Dreamtime heritage that has become an important part of Hahndorf and its surroundings.

The Culture of Hahndorf

The streets of Hahndorf are pretty, harking back to traditional European times, but there is still plenty of Australian style and influence injected into the streets, buildings, and beyond. There are plenty of eateries, both modern and traditional, to enjoy, as well as fashion boutiques, artisan stores, and charming little cafes that line the main street.

The Food and Drink of Hahndorf

As you can imagine, the food and drink of Hahndorf are heavily inspired by its German roots. There are plenty of pubs and hearty gastro restaurants that serve up traditional German fare, like bratwurst and sauerkraut. Elsewhere, there are stores pushing delicious treats like chutney, chocolate, fudge, and German-style apple strudel. When it comes to drinks, you won’t run dry, either. There are craft German beers on tap in many of the local pubs, as well as boutique wines and every spirit you can imagine.

Exploring Hahndorf is like taking a trip down memory lane and stepping back in time. This slice of the historic charm is tucked away amongst the pretty scenery of the Adelaide Hills and promises plenty of things to keep visitors busy. Whether you want to tuck into a local hotdog, sample some of the region’s craft beer, or simply learn more about the German settlement’s history and impact on this part of Australia, a visit to Hahndorf is an eye-opening experience.

If you would like to visit the premium Australian wine region, Barossa Valley, it’s just an hour drive from Hahndorf.

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