What better way to cool off from the Northern Territory’s heat than by hopping into one of the many fabulous waterfalls of the region. Florence Falls is a tourist favourite, surrounded by lush bushland and home to crystal clear waters.

Nestled in the thick bushland of Litchfield National Park just outside of Darwin, it is a great attraction to choose for a day away from the crowds!

The waterfall isn’t the only attraction in this spot, with the watering hole surrounded by a variety of flora, fauna, hiking trails, and lookout spots. Perfect for a day away from the hustle and bustle of crowds, and into the peaceful terrain of the bush.

Lookout Points

The viewing platforms for the waterfall are an easy reach from the car park, only taking a top of three minutes to get to. This lookout point offers spectacular views of the waterfall and the gorge from above, letting visitors admire the contrast between the wet monsoon forest and the dry Florence Falls plateau that sit side by side.


After this lookout point, head down the 160 stairs to the pool for a cooling off! Right at the bottom of the steps is the base pool of the Florence Falls. Here the refreshing waters will ease away your aches and pains, as you swim through the crystal waters, taking in the small fish and plantlife hidden within. Many visitors opt to air dry in the sun at the nearby grass or large rock spots surrounding the waterfall.

The Shady Creek Walk

One of the best ways to pass the time in this region is by walking through the lush rainforest. The Shady Creek Walk is only a short walk but packs a lot of sights into its trail. Home to the woodland and a dense part of the monsoon forest and ending at plunge pool of Florence Falls.

BBQ Picnic

Once you’ve done your exploring, head to the picnic area for a refuel! Located at the start of the Shady Creek Walk, the grassy region is dotted with barbeques and picnic tables for the public. Letting visitors set up and enjoy a delightful lunch after their dip at the pool. After this, you can head on the Florence Creek Walk, which weaves its way to the Buley Rockholes, which is another great attraction to visit!

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