The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s most scenic road where you see perfect beaches and natural scenery.

The Great Ocean Road has many natural attractions, beautiful scenery, and rainforests. Throughout the year gives you a different experience. The most popular and best time to go is during the summer months (December to February).

Summer is most popular due to the weather, there is less chance of rain, and the days are longer which gives you more time to explore. Just because it’s summer, we recommend still bringing a jacket due to the extreme winds along the road.

You can expect more crowds at the main attractions during the summer months, but don’t let that stop you. You still see these amazing attractions that you can’t see anywhere else.

What does the rest of the year bring?

Throughout the year, the different seasons can give you different experiences.

In autumn, you can expect the weather to cool down and there are fewer crowds (aside from long weekends and school holidays).

Winter is the quietest time to visit, meaning the overall trip is typically cheaper as well. Just because it’s cold, don’t let it stop you from exploring the Great Ocean Road! Remember to rug up and bring an umbrella.

When you go in winter, it’s the best time to see any waterfalls as due to the additional rain, the waterfalls are fuller, making them even more stunning. Additionally, you’re most likely to spot whales as they migrate from the cooler waters.

As the days begin to become longer, spring slowly starts bringing in the crowds. It’s also when all the flowers start blooming, making the drive more colourful and beautiful along the way.

What are the best attractions to see on the Great Ocean Road?

Without a doubt, the Twelve Apostles is the main attraction on the Great Ocean Road. Many people come by to see the limestone stacks throughout the day, or at peak times like sunrise or sunset.

Loch Ard Gorge is another fascinating highlight to see. It is where a tragic shipwreck happened back in 1878!

Razorback is an example of how the ocean has impacted the limestone structures along the coast. These are fascinating rock formations with jagged and narrow rocks.

Booking a tour is ideal when seeing the Great Ocean Road. Someone else does the long drive while you sit back and enjoy it. If you thinking about going in summer, to avoid the majority of the crowds you can book this reverse tour.

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