Hunter Valley is a beautiful one of the most popular wine regions in New South Wales.

Hunter Valley produces some of the best semillon wine. To try some semillon wine, you’ll need to travel around to a few wineries. And of course, there are different ways to travel around Hunter Valley! The most popular way to travel is by booking a tour, or you can drive yourself or ride a bicycle.

Book a tour

Going on a tour is a popular way to travel around Hunter Valley. You’ll be more relaxed on tours, and you learn so much.

You won’t need to plan your day or worry about accidentally drinking too much when tasting wines. All you need to do is show up on the day and enjoy yourself! With a few wine tours available, here are a couple of our favourites.

Boutique Hunter Valley Wine Tour

The Boutique Wine Tour is the tour you’ll want to check out as it has won awards for being the Best Tour in the Hunter Valley. You’ll visit three boutique wineries in the area, tasting delicious wines.

Then you’ll be trying other local produce like cheese, olives, oils, and chocolate. And of course, you’ll eat a delicious lunch between the wineries.

Hunter Valley Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour

Or you can check out the Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour to try delicious wine and cheeses! You’ll check out three different wineries, trying a variety of wine types from red, white, and rosè.

As expected, you’ll also have the chance to try out many different types of cheeses, as well as chocolate. On this tour, you’ll also have a delicious cafe style lunch.

Drive yourself to wineries

Driving yourself around Hunter Valley is another option. This will give you the freedom to go to places and particular wineries you’d like to visit. If you decide to go to wineries for wine tastings, keep in mind how much you drink and perhaps spit out the wine after having a taste.

Ride a bike

Exploring Hunter Valley by riding around the paths and creating your own journey on the go. You’ll be able to stop off at some wineries and check out Hunter Valley Gardens.

If you don’t have a bike handy, you can always hire one to ride for the day! It’s best to hire a bike during autumn or spring to enjoy the weather without it being too hot or cold.

Whether you ride a bike, drive yourself in a car, or book a tour, you’ll enjoy everything Hunter Valley has to offer. Of course, we highly recommend checking out some of the wineries in the area for wine tasting, but also try to go to Hunter Valley Gardens!

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