The Blue Mountains is a beautiful natural area with scenic views and famous rock formations.

All year round the Blue Mountains is stunning to visit, but perhaps the warmer months are the best time to visit. Between September to May is warmer. These months provide fantastic views, and the view is less likely to be blocked by the winter clouds.

Below are fantastic attractions you can see and do when visiting the Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters

The famous rock formations to see in the Blue Mountains are the Three Sisters! The Three sisters are incredible to experience, especially at sunset or sunrise. One of the best spots to view the sandstone formations is Echo Lookout. From the lookout, you can do a walk to get up and close to the first rock.

There is also a Dreaming story about the Three Sisters. Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo Katoomba sisters. These sisters fell in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe.

Due to tribal laws, the brothers couldn’t marry the sisters, causing them to try to steal the sisters. The brothers’ actions caused a battle between the tribes which led a Katoomba elder to place a spell on the sisters. The spell turned them into three separate sandstones, which is what we see the Three Sisters as today.

See incredible scenic views at Scenic World

Scenic World provides incredible views and amazing ways to explore the Blue Mountains. There are three rides available, and all provide different experiences.

Scenic Railway is the steepest one in the world and is a great way to get to and from Jamison Valley.

Scenic Cableway glides to and from Jamison Valley. On the ride, you will be able to see the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary, and Orphan Rock. This cableway is the steepest one in the Southern Hemisphere!

When you’ve reached Jamison Valley, you can do the 20-minute Scenic Walkway. Discover the different types of flora and fauna with some flora dating to the Jurassic period! The Scenic Skyway takes you 270 metres above Jamison Valley with breathtaking views. You’ll also see the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and Mt Solitary.

Wildlife spotting on bush walks

Bushwalking gives you the chance to see a lot more attractions up close, and even see some wildlife! As you’re walking around, try and spot koalas, kangaroos, green frogs, and tiger quolls. Check out the Leura Cascade Walk and Kings Tableland. You can enjoy some fantastic walks here.

Visiting the Blue Mountains between September to May will give you the best chance to see incredible views. One-day tours are available and allow you to see the Three Sisters, Scenic World, and wildlife.

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