Just south of Wentworth Falls is the stunning plateau, Kings Tableland.

Look out across the mesmerising Blue Mountains and the untouched Jamison Valley.

Named after King George III, the plateau forms the eastern boundary of the Jamison Valley. With an abundance of nearby lookouts and bush walks to enjoy, as well as significant cultural areas, Kings Tableland is a great addition to any Blue Mountains trip.

Indigenous Significance

For thousands of years, the area now known as Kings Tableland was a place of significance for the local Gundungurra people. They used the area as a camping ground and meeting place. The meeting place was important as it helped them to form connections with other Aboriginal people’s passing through their country and was situated along many traditional walking tracks.

There is a nearby shelter with rock art, that has been recorded as the oldest art in the Blue Mountains. The art includes engravings of kangaroo and bird tracks. As you cross the plateau you can see large grooves in the surface of the rock. The grooves were made by people grinding spears and axe heads to smooth and sharpen them.

When visiting there is signage with information about the significance of the plateau to the Gundungurra people and how they used the area.

Lincoln’s Rock

One of the most famous lookouts on the plateau is Lincoln’s Rock. One of the most scenic lookouts in the Blue Mountains, it is also one of the highest. During days with mist or low hanging clouds, you’ll feel as though you are above them, looking down onto their fluffy white structure.

The lookout gained its name from a local resident who frequented the track. In 2006 he was left for dead while returning from the summit of Mount Everest after suffering from altitude sickness. The next day however he was found still alive by another group making their way to the peak. They assisted him in returning to base camp and following his return to Australia the peak was named after him!

This site is quite popular with photographers and those looking to get some awesome snaps. Just remember to be super careful, though the clifftop views are undoubtedly stunning, the area is unfenced, and you need to be extremely careful. Do not wander too close to the edge and remember to look out not only for yourself but also others.

Kings Tableland Walk

The Kings Tableland Walk is a super easy and family-friendly trail that takes less than an hour to complete. The walk will weave you through significant lands and towards various lookouts including Lincoln’s Rock and Rocket Point. The trail is one and a half kilometres each way and very family-friendly. It can be slightly muddy when wet though, so keep an eye out for that.

Kings Tableland is a stunning plateau with so much more to offer than just stunning views. The plateau has played a significant role in the ancient history of the Blue Mountains area, and has continued to be a beloved place by newcomers.

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