The Blue Mountains is one of New South Whales’ most popular natural attractions.

The Blue Mountains National Park is a large area to discover. That is why we recommend a day to three days in the Blue Mountains. If you plan to just do the main attractions, you can do all of those in a day. If you’re into bushwalking, you might want to spend two or three days. When you stay for a few days, you will be able to fully embrace and explore this beautiful area.

What to see in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains have a lot to offer! From the scenery of the mountains, the valley, and all the hidden waterfalls.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is the main attraction in the Blue Mountains. They are three large rock formations that you can see best from Echo Point. It’s highly recommended to check out the Three Sisters at sunrise or sunset.

Jamison Valley

It is hard to miss Jamison Valley when in the Blue Mountains. The stunning greenery covers more than 10 kilometres of land. In the valley, you will find many rivers, waterfalls, and waterways. A great spot to see Jamison Valley from above is at Kings Tableland.

Kings Tableland

Kings Tableland is a landform called a plateau. Kings Tableland is a sandstone layer that was eroded and now seems like a platform. From Kings Tableland you can get beautiful views of Jamison Valley and the surrounding areas. There are also many bushwalks that leave from this area.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is part of Jamison Valley. To see Wentworth Falls, take the Wentworth Falls track. Doing this walk is highly rewarding once you see this stunning waterfall.

What to do in the Blue Mountains?

There is plenty of activities to do when you’re in the Blue Mountains. You can go to Scenic World or enjoy one of the bushwalks.

Scenic World

Scenic World offers three different rides in the Blue Mountains. You can go on the Scenic Railway, Scenic Cableway, or Scenic Skyway. You can do all three rides when you buy a pass. This is a great way to see the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters, and Jamison Valley. The Scenic Cableway and the Scenic Railway will take you down to the Jamison Valley. From here you can take a walk through the rainforest. To get back up you can take either of the rides again. Going on the Scenic Cableway can offer you some stunning views of the Three Sisters.

Wentworth Falls track

The Wentworth Fall Track is a fun one hour walking trail that brings you all the way to Wentworth Falls. Start from the picnic area and follow the path towards two lookouts. Then walk down about 200 steps to reach another lookout. You’ll be able to see the falls from Fletchers Lookout. Keep going further down to reach the top of the falls where Jamison Creek cascades into a pool.

Whether you stay one, two or more days, you’re in for a beautiful adventure!

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