Take the Nobbies walk and see some fur seals on the rocks.

The Nobbies walk is an easy 500 metre walk and it can take about 20 minutes to complete. You’ll follow a boardwalk around the Nobbies and see Point Grant, Seal Rocks, and the Nobbies Blowhole.

You start the walk next to the carpark at the Nobbies Centre and then you follow the boardwalk. You will soon approach a switchback. You will be able to see the north shore of Phillip Island and Western Port. Western Port is an important area for fur seals and other animals in the waters.

When you continue, you’ll come to a junction at the start of the loop. If you go to the right, you’ll go towards the Nobbies Blowhole. During this part of the walk, you’ll see the waves hit the cliffs along the shore. When you keep walking, you’ll reach Point Grant. Near the end of Point Grant where the larger black rocks are, these are the Seal Rocks. You’ll be able to spot some fur seals around these rocks. Seal Rocks is also home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony!

Keep following the boardwalk until you reach another junction. To continue the walk keep going left. But if you go right, you’ll find your way to the Nobbies Blowhole. We recommend going right to see the Nobbies Blowhole! When you’re back following the Nobbies Walk path, you’ll get views of the coastline and Cape Woolamai. The coastline has more black sea cliffs which are lava that cooled over 50 million years ago. Around here there are many different rock formations, like the Pyramid Rock.

This is when you’ve reached the end of the walk. It’s time to take in the views and start heading back. When you’ve returned, it’s time to check out other places when you’re in the area.

The Nobbies Centre & Antarctic Journey

Inside Nobbies Centre you can learn more about Phillip Island and the wildlife. The Nobbies Centre also has an interactive and immersive experience at Antarctic Journey. There are games and sea creatures to identify under the microscope. You can also listen to some audio and guess what animal it is! There is a cafe and gift shop at the centre too.

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is the most popular attraction on Phillip Island. It is where you watch fairy penguins waddle up the beach at sunset. The Penguin Parade is a great activity to enjoy at the end of the day. Before sunset, check out the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre. At the Visitor Centre, you can explore the exhibitions and learn about the little penguins. There is also a cafe for some food and drinks.

Once you’ve done the Nobbies walk, enjoy some food at the Nobbies Centre cafe. You can explore the Nobbies Centre and Antarctic Journey before watching the fairy penguins at sunset.

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