A three day trip to Sydney is more than enough time to explore this great city.

Sydney is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. The city is right along the coast and has attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. You can fit a lot in three days when you’re in Sydney.
Keep in mind, there is so much to do and see in Sydney. So, you might not be able to see it all in three days. But you can see most, if not all things you want to see in three days.

Now, let’s get into some popular attractions and places you can see when visiting Sydney!

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are one of Sydney’s highlights. The Blue Mountains is about an hour and a half drive from Sydney. These gorgeous mountains and the surrounding area are worth the trip to see.
When you’re in the Blue Mountains, there are plenty of bushwalks you can do. The walks are either quick ones or a couple of hours, so take your pick! Keep a look out for some native wildlife when on a bushwalk too.
Make sure you see the Three Sisters from Echo Point lookout and take in the views from the lookout. Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, and Leura are beautiful towns in the Blue Mountains. It’s worth spending some time in these towns, even if it’s for some lunch.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most popular wine regions and is about a three hour drive from Sydney. The region is best at producing semillon wine. You should do a wine tour when visiting the Hunter Valley! It’s a great way to easily get around and try some of Australia’s best wines without worrying about travel. You just turn up, try some wine, and enjoy yourself.
Aside from trying the wines from Hunter Valley, you will also try delicious chocolate, cheese, and see some local galleries.

Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD is one of the best cities in Australia. The city is right along the coast with the stunning blue water at Sydney Harbour. Right in the city you can see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You might even like to climb the Harbour Bridge and see fantastic views of the surrounding areas.

You can easily visit the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and Sydney CBD within three days! You will just need to spend a day in each location, and it will be well worth it. But we have no doubt you’ll want to come back to explore more of Sydney and everything else New South Wales has to offer.

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