Phillip Island is one of the most popular places to explore when in Melbourne.

Getting to Phillip Island from Melbourne can be a bit tricky. Driving to Phillip Island can take about two hours! And going by public transport isn’t exactly easy either. A great way to go to Phillip Island from Melbourne is by booking a tour. There are a couple you can choose from, but we’ll list our favourite ones.

1 Day Phillip Island Penguins Tour

This one day tour is a really exciting day on Phillip Island. When you leave Melbourne your first stop is the Maru Wildlife Park. Here you can meet some of the Australian wildlife. You can cuddle a koala, feed wallabies and kangaroos, and spot other animals.

After a visit to the wildlife park, it’s time to head to the Nobbies Information Centre. You’ll explore the centre before walking along the coastal boardwalk. This boardwalk will take you to see the Blowhole and Seal Rocks. The Blowhole is a sea cave that makes some huge waves. It’s for sure worth checking out! At Seal Rocks, you’ll have a good chance to see fur seals playing in the water or relaxing on the rocks.

Then you’ll go to the most exciting attraction in Phillip Island, the Penguin Parade! When you’ve settled in your area at the Penguin Parade, you can enjoy the sunset over the beach. Once the sun sets, watch the little penguins appear from the sea and waddle up the beach. When the penguins settle in their burrows and get ready for bed, it’s time for us to head back to Melbourne.

Penguin Parade & Wildlife Highlights

Expect to see little penguins and other wildlife when taking this one day tour! You’ll leave Melbourne and explore Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary. At the sanctuary, you’ll see some koalas, kangaroos, reptiles, birds, and many more. After checking out the sanctuary, you might get the chance to visit Cape Woolamai Beach. Here you can take some time to relax or walk along the sand and waters.

Clean your feet from the sand before jumping back on the bus to go to the Nobbies. Here you can visit the Nobbies Information Centre and walk along the boardwalk to see the Blowhole and Seal Rocks. The information centre has an interactive and immersive experience. When you walk along the boardwalk, check out the Blowhole when it’s in action. Keep a look out for the fur seals having fun on Seal Rocks!

Lastly, you’ll go to the Penguin Parade! It’s so exciting to watch the sunset at the beach and to see the little penguins waddle around. You can watch them as they come closer towards their nests. Not long after they’ve settled down for a night’s rest, you’ll start heading back to Melbourne.

Getting to Phillip Island is easy when you book one of these exciting day tours! You can spend a day exploring the island and watching the cute little penguins at sunset.

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