The small and quaint town of San Remo is the gateway to the gorgeous Phillip Island.

Situated at the very tip of the Anderson Peninsula, San Remo was first founded as a small fishing village but today is better known as the town on the mainland end of the Phillip Island bridge.

San Remo has the perfect little town feel. Grab yourself some food to take away and have a picnic in the local parks or on the beach. Or wander down the main street and grab yourself some sweet treats and wonderful locally made souvenirs. There are many local artisans and small businesses to support here so come with open wallets and empty bags. You’re sure to grab heaps of bargains!

Let’s go to the beach

The waters surrounding San Remo are perfect for fishing in. Cast your line off the local jetty or jump aboard a fishing charter to head out to deeper seas and better fishing opportunities. If you’re not a fisher or would rather relax on the trip than put yourself to work, head to the San Remo Fisherman’s Cooperative. There’s plenty of delicious catches to get your hands on and the most effort you’ll need to put in is choosing which fish to buy!

Wander down to the foreshore every day at noon and watch the pelican feeding. The local birds have struck up quite the deal with the Fisherman’s Cooperative, getting themselves a free lunch every day.

If you’ve got the time to take a hike down the George Bass Coastal Walk you won’t regret it. You’ll wind down past hidden beaches and dessert bays. Find the Quarry Rocks, where stone was quarried to build early banks and chambers in Melbourne.

Sharks in the water

The San Remo Fisherman’s Cooperative isn’t just known for their fish, but their sharks. In fact, they hold the largest shark fishing fleet license in Australia. All the fishing conducted by the cooperative is sustainable and humane ways.

One of their prized catches is the gummy shark. They are one of Australia’s most enjoyed fish, often being front and centre at the local fish and chip shop. Flake, as it is sometimes known, are a light and boneless fillet, perfect for the whole family.

Annual San Remo Channel Challenge

Each year the town hosts the annual San Remo Channel Challenge. The biathlon event sees competitors swimming across the channel before running back over the bridge to San Remo. The challenge is always a fantastic event and sees the town come alive. The trip is approximately 700m each way, but trust us when we say it shouldn’t be underestimated. The waters are rough and 700 metres becomes a lot longer when you’re trying to swim it in one go!

San Remo is a stunning and welcoming seaside town that should not be forgotten. Don’t just drive through on your way to Phillip Island, stop and enjoy San Remo for everything it is. San Remo is a delightful day trip from Melbourne or the perfect addition to your Phillip Island adventure.

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