Wander into a magical underground world in the Jenolan Caves.

Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are located in the famous Blue Mountains. They are an underground world ready to be explored!

There are caves all over the world, so what makes the Jenolan Caves special?

About the Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are special because they are the oldest open caves in the entire world. They date back approximately 340 million years and are full of marine fossils. The caves are also decorated with beautiful limestone formations and were carved by rivers running underground.

There are many caves to explore, including 22 major caves. Some of those caves include “dark caves”. Others have pools of pristine water. The caves also vary in difficulty, with some having more stairs than others.

The name of the caves is believed to come from an Aboriginal word called “Genowlan”, which roughly translates to “high place shaped like a foot”.

Where are the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains?

The Jenolan Caves are well hidden, tucked into the Blue Mountains in a remote valley.

If you are planning to visit the caves from Sydney, you can follow the windy road through Katoomba. After three hours, you will arrive at the Jenolan Caves in the southern part of the Blue Mountains National Park.

Whether you visit a free or paid part of the caves, you must book a ticket in advance because many people visit the caves every day.

Other things to explore nearby


The caves are located in the Blue Mountains, which means there is plenty to explore before or after touring the caves.

· Bush Walk
Since you’ll be nearby, be sure to enjoy a bush walk to explore more of the area. The Jenolan River Walk begins near the Grand Arch and is about a 3 km round trip. The walk is a bit difficult due to the incline and number of steps, so be sure to allow for 1.5 hours to complete it.

The Carlotta Arch Walk begins near Caves House. It is a 1 km round trip and goes to Carlotta Harch. The walk takes roughly 45 minutes and is semi difficult.

The other bush walk nearby is the McKeowns Valley Track. This is the longest bush walk at 4 km round trip and will take around 2 or 3 hours to finish. It will take you to the Devil’s Coach House Cave, the Old Playing Fields, and more.

· Spot platypuses
Located near the Jenolan caves is the Blue Lake. It is a pool that sits below the Grand Arch Cave. Lots of platypuses live here, but they can be difficult to spot. The adorable critters are very shy, so you must be extremely quiet when looking for them. Your best bet is to arrive in the early morning or in the late evening to try and spot them.

Visit the Blue Mountains and be sure to explore the Jenolan Caves and surrounding area!

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