Nestled in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, is the outstanding Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre.

Blending with the ancient landscape surrounding it, the centre offers an overview of the natural and cultural history of Uluru, detailing its connection with the local tribes that have lived around Kata Tjuta for thousands of years.

About the Building

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre’s building is a free-form structure, built-in 1995 from locally made mud bricks. The structure was a joint design with the Anangu people, the park staff, and local architects. It is an award-winning design, with the building representing two ancestral snakes who once battled at Mutitjulu Waterhole and led to the creation of Uluru. Many of the local artists also helped design the paintings, murals, and glass displayed throughout the cultural centre. The building is apart of the natural landscape of the area, representing the importance of knowledge, culture, and nature for the Anangu people.

Learn about the History

Visitors can deep dive into fascinating stories of the Anangu people. Learn all about traditional performances, historic artefacts, and life back in ancient times. It is an extremely important part of the region, with culture being one with the landscape it belongs to. The knowledgeable staff are all apart of the Aboriginal tribes of the region and are enthusiast to showcase their ancestor’s stories to visitors. Here they will introduce you to Tjukurpa, which is the foundation of Indigenous culture, and the traditional law that guides daily life for the Anangu people. There are informational displays, multi-media presentations, and even outdoor guides to give you vast insight into this fascinating world.

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