Just a short trip boat ride from Cairns, the idyllic Green Island is the perfect place to escape for a day, relaxing along the white sandy beach and soaking in the warm Australian sunrays.

Green Island has grown in popularity over recent years and is now one of the most popular destinations in Queensland. Covered in a thick, lush rainforest, and sporting pristine beaches the island lures you in with its natural beauty.

Green Island is one of the most beautiful places along the entire Green Barrier Reef. The 6,000 year old island formed slowly as waves washed sand and pieces of coral over the island’s coral reef foundation. Today it is the largest coral quay island on the Great Barrier Reef. Relative to other islands around Australia, Green Island is quite young, and its diverse ecosystem is almost entirely untouched.

Though it may be small, Green Island has plenty of lovely attractions and activities for you to enjoy.

Relax on the beach

Green Island’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in Australia. Relax out along the white sand or wander hand in hand with your loved one. The island is small, so you’ll be able to stroll end to end with absolutely no trouble at all.

Once you’ve warmed up on the sand and need to take a dip to cool down, wander into the refreshing, clear water. Grab yourself some snorkelling gear and head into the sea, there’s plenty of reefs close to the beach so keep your eyes open for Nemo!

If you’d rather stay dry, join a glass bottom boat tour or semi-submarine experience. Your friendly guides will tell you all about the beautiful animals you can see under the water. There’s an incredibly diverse range of marine animals in these reefs. The marine life along the Great Barrier Reef is some of the best in the world, so don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy them!

Stay on land

If you’d rather keep dry, there’s plenty for you to do and see!

The whole of Green Island is a National Park, and as soon as you disembark your boat you’ll know why. From the jetty, head inland and discover the beautiful rainforest. There’s a self-guided eco walk for you to follow, winding you through the shady vine-thicket rainforest.

The rainforest has more than 120 plant species for you to discover and explore. The walk winds around the perimeter of the island, so you’ll really get to see all of the island. There’s plenty of interpretive signage along the walk teaching you about the magnificent plant life you’re seeing.

When to visit

Green Island is lucky enough to have lovely weather year-round! The warm Queensland weather means no matter if its wet or dry you’ll love splashing around at the beach and meeting the local marine life.

No matter when you choose to visit Green Island you’re sure to have an amazing time. The lovely island is a fantastic getaway and the perfect place to relax and reset yourself.

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