Stunning views & local history at the Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Bay is a name that is synonymous with Australia’s beach culture: a gorgeous seaside town that is beloved by locals and travellers alike. Whether it’s surfing at a world famous beach, perusing local markets for gourmet produce and artisanal goods, marvelling at the surreal water world at Cape Byron Marine Park or soaking up the town’s uber chilled atmosphere, there is something for everyone in this famous town!

You can easily spend weeks here, enjoying the vibe and the stunning nature, but no trip to Byron is complete without visiting the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Situated atop Australia’s most eastern point, this magnificent light station is the perfect place to gain a panoramic understanding of the town, its history and its unrivalled natural wonder.

Here are some of the awesome activities that take place at the Cape Byron Lighthouse…

The Cape Byron Lighthouse Maritime Museum

For maritime history lovers, the Cape Byron Maritime Museum cannot be overlooked. The lighthouse is probably the most famous in Australia, owing partly to its historical importance and the stunning beauty of its surroundings. The maritime museum is located at the base of the lighthouse, in what was once the lightkeeper’s office, and provides a fascinating insight into operations and life at the headland.

Take in the views on a lighthouse tour

Because why would you want to visit the lighthouse without ascending it to take in the glorious Pacific views? A 20 minute guided tour takes you to the top of this beloved landmark, allowing you to marvel at the 360 degree views of the ocean and surrounding landscape.

Watch a massive whale migration

The Cape Byron National Park is truly a blessed place: every year from June to November it plays host to an annual migration of tens of thousands of humpback whales. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is the perfect place to watch this incredible natural occurrence, with awesome views and plenty of space to see these wondrous creatures head north after a summer of feasting on Antarctic krill.

A most spectacular sunrise

Any headland is ideal for a gorgeous sunrise, but the Cape Byron Lighthouse easily provides one of Australia’s best. Be sure to get out there early in the morning to watch the glorious sunrise above the Pacific Ocean – it’s a truly unforgettable experience!

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