If you’re in the Blue Mountains, you must take a quick look at the three stunning sandstone structures, the Three Sisters.

Located in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the Three Sisters is undoubtably one of the famous attractions in Australia.

But where is the best place to view the Three Sisters and get *that* famous shot everyone gets?

Echo Point lookout

The Three Sisters is best seen from Echo Point lookout, which is just outside the national park. It is easy to get to this lookout point, where you can park your car (if it’s not overly busy) or take the bus and get off at the Echo Point Lookout stop. From there it’s about a 2 minute walk to the lookout.

Not only is this the best spot to view the Three Sisters, but you also get incredible views of the Jamison Valley, the Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary.

The history of the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters came from an Indigenous legend about three sisters called Gunnedoo, Meehni and Wimlah. The sisters were part of the Katoomba tribe but fell in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe and wanted to marry them. Because marriage to the brothers was forbidden by Katoomba tribal law, the brothers went to capture the sisters and take them back to their tribe for marriage.

Due to the brothers’ plans, the two tribes got into a war. To save the sisters, a Katoomba elder placed a spell on them, turning them into what we see today. The elder died during the war and the spell couldn’t be reversed.

Do some scenic walking

While visiting the Three Sisters, it is worth doing the 1 kilometre Three Sisters walk, which can take you between 25 – 45 minutes to complete. This walk gives you more views of the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley. Listen and look for the lyrebird and crimson rosellas during your walk towards the Oreades lookout. Next, you head towards the Lady Game lookout, giving you a closer view of the Three Sisters. After reaching the top of the Giant Stairway, it takes you to Honeymoon Bridge, connecting you to the first sister.

If you are up to longer walks, there are several top hikes in the area. Try the Prince Henry Cliff walk, Dardanelles Pass loop walking track or the Three Sisters Walk to Scenic World (via Giant Stairway).

Take a trip using the skyway, railway or cableway

To see more views of the Blue Mountains, Scenic World has a Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway or Scenic Railway. These unique attractions offer you different but insane views of the mountains and everything else the Blue Mountains has to offer.

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