Phillip Island’s main attraction is Penguin Parade. The Little Penguins start waddling up Summerland Beach around sunset every day. Throughout the year there are different times the penguins arrive at the beach. But you should be at the Penguin Parade an hour before the penguins are set to arrive. There are different activities for everyone in the visitor centre before the penguin’s arrival.

When do the penguins arrive throughout the year?

Throughout the year the Little Penguins arrive at the beach at different times. You should arrive about one hour before sunset. Below are the times the penguins should arrive around sunset.
January: 8:45 PM
February: 8:30 PM
March: 8 PM
April: 7 PM Australia Daylight Savings Time, 6 PM Australia Eastern Savings Time
May: 5:30 PM
June 5:15 PM
July: 5:45 PM
August: 6 PM
September: 6:15 PM
October: 6:45 PM Australia Eastern Savings Time, 7:45 PM Australia Daylight Savings Time
November: 8:15 PM
December: 8:30 PM

What is the Little Penguin’s life cycle activity?

Throughout the year you’ll see the penguins going through stages in their life cycle. Between February to April is when the penguins will be in their moulting season. Little Penguins moult every year to replace used feathers and to continue being waterproof. The penguins moult all their feathers at once.

During winter, the Little Penguins don’t do any breeding. Then from July to August is when the penguins start breeding. You might even see some of them start building their nests in preparation. Between September to October, the penguins will start laying eggs and incubate. Female penguins can lay one to two eggs. Both males and females will incubate the eggs, switching roles to get food. Hatching will take 33 to 37 days. Then from November to January is when you might get the chance to see the new chicks being fed.

How can I see the Little Penguins?

A great way to see the Little Penguins is by buying a ticket for the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island. There is a selection of different tickets and packages available to pick from. Or you can book a one day Phillip Island tour. The tour takes you to Maru Wildlife Park to see a selection of Australian wildlife. You’ll then go to The Nobbies Information Centre. At the centre, you can take a boardwalk down to the blowhole. This is when the ocean hits the rocks, forming a blowhole. Don’t forget to watch out for some seals at Seal Rocks. The tour finishes at Penguin Parade to finally see the Little Penguins. When the sun starts to set, the penguins come out from the ocean and waddle up the beach.

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