Warm temperatures, big storms and possible cyclones, the rainy season in Cairns can be a lot of fun.

The rainy season is commonly known as the wet season. Cairns and other northern parts of Australia experience the wet season. It’s when Cairns encounters rain for about half a year while this season lasts. Most travellers avoid visiting during this time because the rain and high humidity makes Cairns a lot warmer. But if anything, visiting during this time can be great fun because of fewer visitors and the storms. You just have to be prepared to deal with some heavy rain!

When is it the wet season is Cairns?

Wet season starts from November and finishes typically in April. If you want to experience a good storm, Cairns will give you exactly that. Some of the best storms in Australia are in Cairns and other northern parts of Australia. Some of the best lightning storms are seen in Cairns. You can see magnificent lightning strikes across the sky. During wet season you’ll experience the monsoon rain. This is when there is a lot of wind and rain.

Does Cairns get cyclones?

During the wet season, it is common for cyclones or tropical lows to develop. However, it doesn’t mean it will hit the coast. If there is one developing in the ocean, Cairns is likely to be hit with extra rain and extreme winds.

Is it always raining in wet season?

There are days where there isn’t any rain. But you are likely to experience rain if you’re visiting during the wet season. So come prepared! Locals love the season because of the incredible storms you experience. Usually, Cairns experiences almost 2000 millimetres of rain every year. 44 days of this year has more than 10 millimetres of rain.

Is it hot or cold during wet season?

The wet season has hotter days compared to the other half of the year during dry season. Even with the rain, it doesn’t cool down because of the high humidity Cairns experiences. Normally the weather ranges between 30 to 34 degrees Celsius during the day.

What about the traditional season names?

Summer, autumn, winter and spring don’t exist in Cairns and the rest of the top end of Australia. If you’re used to these season names, just think the wet season is summer. Then the cooler season known as dry season, is more like the winter. Though it only gets cold overnight and in the mornings, the rest of the day is usually hot.

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