Cairns is a beautiful tropical destination with heaps of stunning scenery all around.

The coastal city of Cairns is surrounded by spectacular scenery everywhere you look. It’s truly a tropical paradise, with the ocean on one side and the rainforest on the other. Choosing the most scenic places in Cairns is difficult, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few recommendations.


Earl Hill

The Earl Hill Lookout takes about an hour hike to access, but the elevated lookout is definitely worth it. Once at the summit, you can take in panoramic views of the ocean, Trinity Beach, Double Island and more. After spending some time enjoying the scenery, you can follow the trail back to Trinity Beach.

Glacier Rock

Another great lookout spot in Cairns is Glacier Rock. This lookout point can be found on a seven-kilometre hiking trail. This hike takes a while but the views from the lookout are spectacular. Admire the stunning views above the city and onward towards the mountains and ocean. After visiting this lookout, make a stop by Stoney Creek swimming hole to cool down.

McArthur Lookout

One of the best spots to view the sunset over Cairns is from McArthur Lookout. During the day, you can view the sprawl of the city accompanied by a backdrop of the mountains. In the evening, you can watch as the sun sets behind the mountains and the city lights begin to illuminate the town.

Other Scenic places nearby

Milla Milla Falls

Milla Milla Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls located near Cairns. Watch as the waterfall cascades over 18 metres into the clear water below. You can enjoy up-close views from the water hole at the bottom of the waterfall. You get the best of both worlds with scenic views and a refreshing swim!

Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach is a picturesque beach located on Fitzroy Island. The beach consists of pristine white sand, with views of the coral reef just off the coastline. Take in the gorgeous ocean views while soaking in the sunshine and snorkelling around the reefs.

Great Barrier Reef Drive

Stretching 140 kilometres along the coastline, you’ll find the scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive. The road connects Cairns and Cape Tribulation. While cruising along the road, you’ll see the Daintree Rainforest on one side and the Great Barrier Reef on the other. This road is the perfect opportunity to embark on a short scenic road trip.
Regardless of where you visit in Cairns, you’re sure to find yourself surrounded by stunning scenery!

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