The Three Sisters are one of the most well-known sights in the Blue Mountains.

One of the most iconic views of the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters. Millions of people visit the large sandstone pillars every year. Discover five interesting facts about the famous Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains.

1. The pillars formed over 200 million years ago.

The Three Sisters were formed during the Triassic period, which was the period just before dinosaurs roamed the earth. During that time, the Blue Mountains were located beneath the ocean. As the ocean water moved around, it carried deposits of sediment. The sediment slowly sunk to the ocean floor, which created shales and rock beds over time.

When volcanoes erupted through the layers of rock, the famous ridges of the Three Sisters were created. Over time, wind and rain have eroded the cliffs of the Blue Mountains into how we see them today.

2. Each pillar has a name.

The large, sandstone pillars hold a significant meaning for the local Aboriginal people. In the legend, there were three sisters: Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo. They lived in Jamison Valley with the Nepean tribe. According to the legend, they fell in love with brothers from the rival Katoomba tribe.

Eventually, the brothers tried to capture the sisters, which resulted in a battle. In order to protect the daughters, a witch doctor turned the daughters into stone so that they would be hidden until the war ended. The doctor died before the spell was reversed and the sisters forever remained as stone.

3. The Three Sisters range from 906 to 922 meters tall.

It’s impossible to grasp how massive the Three Sisters are until you see them for yourself. Though the pillars look large in photographs, it’s not until you visit the Blue Mountains that you truly grasp the height of the sandstone pillars.

The tallest pillar (Meehni) is 922 metres tall. The second tallest (Wimlah) is 918 metres tall. Meanwhile, the “smallest” pillar (Gunnedoo) is 906 metres tall. With their height, the pillars stand more than 3000 feet above sea level!

4. The staircase to the Three Sisters has over 800 steps.


Echo Point provides fantastic views of the Three Sisters, but some visitors choose to get even closer. The Giant Stairway is part of a 1.5 hour hike that leads to the pillars. This hike is not the easiest, as it includes over 800 steps made of both stone and steel to reach the viewpoint. If you’re up for the challenge, we would highly recommend the unparalleled views provided by this hike.

5. Why are the mountains blue?

When looking at the Blue Mountains, you may notice that there seems to be a bit of a haze in the air. This haze gives the mountains a blue tint, but what causes it? The source comes from small droplets of oil released from the eucalyptus in the forest. Hence the name: The Blue Mountains.

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