Phillip Island is one of Australia’s most popular islands, and you can’t go wrong with spending a full day exploring its many landmarks.

It’s your first time visiting Phillip Island and you’re curious about how you can spend a day here. Luckily there is a lot you can do to make your day fun and exciting. Since it’s your first time on the island, we recommend coming during summer, between December and February. Now, let’s dive into what you can do in a day!


Starting your trip in Cowes, Phillip Island’s popular town, is a great way to ease into a fantastic day. Enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant, relax at the park, or go to the jetty and watch the waves.

Food-wise there is everything from traditional pubs to bars and international cuisines, so the choice is yours!

Wineries and breweries

Phillip Island has a few wineries and breweries worth checking out. Its cooler climate offers ideal conditions for growing, making and creating some truly world-class wines and beers. Some are award-winning, so we suggest trying out a selection of drinks. Our favourites are the chic Phillip Island Winery and the more casual Ocean Reach Brewery.

Koala Conservation Reserve

If you want to see some koalas, the Koala Conservation Reserve is the place to go. You can’t cuddle with the koalas, but you can walk along the boardwalks and spot the koalas up in the trees in their natural habitat.

At the reserve, there are two 20-minute loop walks to give you a chance to spot koalas and other animals like echidnas, wallabies, and birds.

Koala Conservation Reserve


The Nobbies is one of the most popular attractions on Phillip Island, and rightly so. First up is the Nobbies Centre, which is an interactive and educational centre that focuses on marine animals on and around Phillip Island. It’s the perfect way to get acquainted with the unique wildlife of this beautiful island.

The Nobbies also has a boardwalk that allows you to see gorgeous coastal views, and if you keep following it, you’ll end up at the famous Seal Rocks! At the rocks, you can spot fur seals hanging out and splashing about in the water.

Penguin Parade

There’s no better way to finish up your day on Phillip Island than visiting the Penguin Parade. One of the largest little penguin colonies calls Philip Island their home and you can watch them return to their burrows at sunset.

During peak times, it’s recommended you book your tickets early for the Penguin Parade! There are also optional upgrades to get a better viewing platform.

The best way to get to Phillip Island is by driving yourself or booking a tour. Both options will allow you to get back to your home or accommodation and you can explore the island easier.

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