The Blue Mountains have charming scenery with waterfalls, forests, and sandstone ridges to explore.

During winter, the Blue Mountains can have some of the coldest temperatures in New South Wales. But the coldest month in the area is July, with temperatures usually sitting between 4 and 14 degrees Celsius.

Visiting the Blue Mountains can give you a Christmas vibe in July with the rare snow days and the log fires to keep you warm.

So what are the best things to see and do in the Blue Mountains during winter>

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are one of the main highlights of the Blue Mountains. You can view the Three Sisters from Echo Lookout. The best time to see the Three Sisters is during sunset or sunrise, so make sure you check what time these are.

According to a Dreaming story, there were three sisters called Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo. The sisters fell in love with three brothers from another tribe, but tribal laws stopped the brothers from marrying the sisters. The brothers tried to steal the sisters which caused a battle between the tribes. To stop the fighting, an elder from the sisters’ tribe placed a spell on the sisters, which turned them into the Three Sisters sandstones.

Scenic World

Scenic World is a family-owned tourist attraction and a great way to see the Blue Mountains on three different rides. These include the Scenic Cableway, Scenic Skyway, and the Scenic Railway.

When you reach Jamison Valley, you can also do the Scenic Walkway which is a 20-minute walk through the valley. You’ll come across some flora dating all the way back to the Jurassic period!

The Scenic Cableway go to and from Jamison Valley. On this ride, you’ll see Mount Solitary, the Three Sisters, and Orphan Rock. This is also the steepest cableway in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Scenic Skyway will take you 270 metres above Jamison Valley. From up high, you’ll get incredible views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, and Mount Solitary.

Finally, the Scenic Railway takes you to and from Jamison Valley and is the steepest railway in the world!

Scenic World Boardwalk

Wildlife spotting

The Blue Mountains have a huge variety of wildlife you can spot and the best way to find them is to do self-guided walking. Types of animals you might be lucky to spot include koalas, green and golden bell frogs, water skinks, and sometimes even a dingo!

If you make your way to the Blue Mountains during July, make sure you’ve rugged up enough and keep warm! There are plenty of cafes and restaurants you can visit for some warm food and hot drinks.

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