Choose how you would like to view the adorable Phillip Island Penguin Parade!

Phillip Island Penguin parade viewing platform

Each year, millions of people visit Phillip Island. It’s no secret that the offer offers incredible scenery and wildlife viewing. However, the most popular attraction on Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade.

Our Phillip Island day tour offers an unforgettable experience including stops at Moonlit Sanctuary, the Nobbies, and the Penguin Parade. This tour also has the option for upgrades to view the penguins. So, what are the differences between the upgrades?

Penguin Parade general admission

Our Phillip Island penguin tours include general admission to the Penguin Parade. This means that you are guaranteed a spot in the general viewing area.

As the sun drifts across the sky, we make our way to the beach to view the sunset. Then, as it starts to get dark, the penguins begin to pop out of the sea after a long day of fishing. You will be able to watch them waddle across the beach and make their way to the sand dunes for a restful sleep.

Penguins Plus upgrade

The first upgrade option is the Penguins Plus upgrade. If you choose this option, you’ll be in a better position to view the Penguin Parade. You will be able to closely see the Little Penguins emerge from the ocean and journey to the sand dunes.

There is also a local ranger who provides commentary, so you are guaranteed not to miss a single moment of the incredible phenomenon.

Little Penguins Australia

Underground Viewing area

The next upgrade option is access to the Underground Viewing Area. This unique viewing option allows you to watch the Penguin Parade at eye level. This means that you will have the closest possible view of the penguins as they interact in their natural habitat.

Additionally, this viewing area is undercover, so you don’t have to worry about the wind or rain.

Guided ranger tour at the Penguin Parade

The final upgrade option is the Guided Ranger Tour at the Penguin Parade. This upgrade grants you access to a small group tour with a friendly guide. The guide will tell you all about the Little Penguins and the island’s history. You will also receive a headset to ensure that you can clearly hear everything that is being explained. You will also get to view the penguins from the beachfront as they waddle across the shoreline.

Now that you know the difference between the different Penguin Parade upgrades, it’s time to book your unforgettable Phillip Island tour!

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