A visit to Phillip Island isn’t complete without checking out the Nobbies.

The Nobbies are dome-shaped rocks that provide a home for the little penguins that live on the island. Their name came from their shape, and they are a fascinating site to visit. There are some exciting things to do when visiting the Nobbies, from viewing cool coastal landmarks to watching the wildlife that lives nearby.

The Nobbies Phillip Island

1. Visit the Nobbies Centre

The Nobbies Center is a great place to stop when you first arrive. There are a few exhibits and interactive displays that are perfect for adults and children to enjoy. Here you can learn all about the area before continuing on to see the Nobbies.

2. Admire the unique scenery

The most famous landmark here is, of course, the Nobbies. There is a return walk that only takes about 20 minutes return, or 800 metres return. Follow the flat boardwalk as it winds along the coast and ends with views of the Nobbies.

You can also see the Blowhole from the boardwalk. The Blowhole is a large sea cave that will appear to spray water as the waves brash against the cave opening.

3. View the wildlife

There is a local colony of Fur Seals that lives near the Nobbies. These fur seals can often be seen lounging on the rocks or along the beach near the Nobbies. Seal Rocks, which is located nearby, is known to have over 30,000 seal visitors year-round! Regardless of when you visit, you’re sure to see some adorable fur seals.

Other wildlife nearby includes heaps of birds, which can be seen all along the coast. Some of the birds you may see include the Little Penguins, Silver Gulls, and Pelicans.

Seal Rocks Phillip Island

Take a tour of Phillip Island and visit the Nobbies

You can visit the Nobbies while exploring Phillip Island, or you can join a tour!

Our Phillip Island Day Tour begins with a departure from Melbourne. You will be able to sleep in a bit before we pick you up from your central accommodation. The first stop is at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. Here you can see a range of native Australian critters including kangaroos, koalas, and wombats. Then we will head to Cape Woolamai Beach for a stroll before visiting the Nobbies. You will have plenty of time to explore the visitor centre and stroll the boardwalk before continuing on to the main attraction. As the sun begins to set, we will take our seats at Summerland Beach. We watch the adorable Little Penguins as they emerge from the sea and parade across the beach towards the sand dunes where they will burrow for the evening.

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