A tour of the Great Ocean Road can include so many things: sun, surf, sand and forests.

Great Ocean Road Tour

From the world class surf at Bells Beach to the giant eucalyptus trees of the Otways National Park, a journey along the Great Ocean Road is a diverse and unique adventure!

So that begs the question: what should I wear on the Great Ocean Road tour? Well, that depends entirely on what you want to do! You may want to hit the surf or go for a swim, in which case you will definitely take your bathers (and a wetsuit in winter!).

If you plan to hike around the Otways and see all the wondrous rock formations of Port Campbell National Park, you should pack your most comfortable shoes – forget the thongs for these rugged adventures!

One thing’s for sure: you should pack a variety of clothing options to prepare you for the myriad of activities that take place along the road.

Be sure to pack the following:

  • Comfy clothes
  • Bathers
  • A wetsuit (if surfing in winter)
  • Sturdy shoes (if not hiking shoes)
  • Thongs

So, now that out of the way, what are some of these exciting adventures that await you on this most extraordinary coastline?

  • Learning to surf

    The Great Ocean Road is where so many Aussie surfers learnt their trade, and it should come as no surprise that it’s home to some of our most famous surf brands, too. What makes its beaches so good is that there are places for surfing newcomers (or “grommets”) to try their hand at the sport.

    Torquay, Lorne, Anglesea and Fairhaven are great places for beginners, as well as being home to some of Victoria’s best surf schools.

  • Hiking the Otways

    The Otways are one of Australia’s most stunning national parks, with plenty of lush greenery, wildlife and family adventures to enjoy. From treetop walks to easy hikes, koala-spotting and the majestic Cape Otway Lightstation, the Otways are one of the most beautiful places to spend some time away from the city.

  • The surreal Port Campbell National Park

    There is nowhere in Australia quite like the Port Campbell National Park: a giant stretch of coastline dotted with unreal rock formations jutting out from the sea. From the unmistakable 12 Apostles to the surreal Loch Ard Gorge, the incredible London Bridge and the mystical Grotto, there is a reason why the national park is beloved by all who venture to its stunning landscape.

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